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Dear Parents

look inside the homes of our guestparents

Once you have children of your own, you are convinced:  This is the most important thing in my life.

You take care of them with all your love,

and help them grow up.

When you start working again or start studying, then there is only one thing that is really important, and that is that your child is in good hands.


Are you looking for flexible and smallscale childcare for your child(ren)?

Have you ever thought of a guestparent who will be the loving nanny for your child?


Bazz Childcare is an important player in the field of childcare and organizes quality day/ and weekendcare for your child(ren). Contrary to childcare in daycenters guestparents offer you a (second) home for your children.

Guestparentcare is a complete, valuable and professional form of childcare that is here to stay.

Our certified (SPW, PABO, …) and very enthusiastic guestparents (nannies) offer your child(ren) an interesting and varied day within a personal setting, in which the child’s personality is central.  Besides that, emphasis is put on learning by playing.

When we start searching for a suitable guestparent we have your wishes at heart.


No administrationfee before you start

No waiting lists

You pay per hour, not per day

You don’t pay before care starts

We listen to your personal wishes

You choose your own guestparent

Very smallscale and domestic


Do you wish to know more about the advantages of homechildcare, please contact us.

BAZZ Childcare is an acknowkledged organisation that has been organising childcare at home for almost ten years in the Drechtsteden and the Alblasserwaard. In all those years we have developed our expertise in the field of valuable and smallscale childcare. Our main goal is to realise the perfect match between you and the guestparent / nanny.

All our employees have a pedagogical background, and have a diploma for care worker. They had  been working  with children for years and now  they help the guestparents, if necessary, in the education and the development of their guestchildren. You can always ask our employees questions about education and raising your children.

We are members of the branche organisation VGOB ( and we are being inspected by the  GGD every year. Our latest report is te be found on the site of the GGD

We are also to be found in the register for childcare LRKP ( the country’s register for childcare):

You can contact us Monday to Friday nine tot five for more information